“When I picked Orchard Hill I knew it was going to be a good place. I had several places to choose from and I am so glad I came here. The location is convenient, the food is delicious, the rehab services are great and the staff members are attentive and responsive. Therapy got me to where I needed to be to go home and I am very thankful for everything this facility has been able to do for me. I am excited to go home but I will miss the residents and staff members very much. If I ever need therapy services again, I will definitely be coming back here. I strongly recommend Orchard Hill to all of my family and friends!”


Shirley Bonkowski Testimonial“When I first came to Orchard Hill I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t walk and I had very little expectations. After my first day at Orchard Hill, Jason, the administrator, found out it was my birthday and surprised me with a party consisting of balloons and cupcakes. I have formed a lot of good relationships with the staff here especially Cindy, Tiffany, and Amanda from therapy. The food is good, I’ve managed to gain back the weight that I lost, the facility is clean and the employees go above and beyond to help me.”

– Shirley Bonkowski
Pictured with Waketa Thomas, Unit Manager

Joy Goldberger Testimonial“I am on my way out of Orchard Hill rehab and I am so happy to be going home. There are treasures here at Orchard Hill. I don’t think there is a place that tries harder than this place did to accommodate me. Even in my states of frustration of wanting to get the most out of my body, they tried with me as much as anybody could’ve. They also went above and beyond to accommodate my Kosher diet needs. I am leaving here sorry that there are people I won’t be seeing anymore. This is a good place.”

– Joy Goldberger

Thomas Brunson Testimonial“The staff members at Orchard Hill are nice and attentive. Since being at Orchard Hill I am able to stand, walk long distances and have been building up my endurance. Amanda, Tiffany and Miriam from therapy were all especially helpful. They’ve take care of everything for me while I’ve been here. I am glad everything has worked out and I am able to go back home. Orchard Hill is a good place to be . . . I can’t say anything bad about it.”

– Thomas Brunson

Spann Testimonial“I came to Orchard Hill about two months ago. I was in really bad shape, unable to sit, stand or walk. I needed therapy and 24-hour care to do just about everything. The staff at Orchard Hill is very caring. The therapists have made my recovery enjoyable and I felt very cared for during my stay. I worked really hard in therapy and now I am able to go home with my family.”

– Keith Spann

Gibson Testimonial“The staff members at Orchard Hill aren’t just here to do a job, they’re here because they really care about their patients. One day I was sick, the staff came in one at a time just to listen and make sure I was okay. Mary Grace, Amanda, Cindy, and Trisha made me feel so good and lifted my spirit, even though I was feeling so bad. They didn’t have to take the time out of their day to check on me, but they did, and it made me feel special. If I didn’t love them before, I really loved them then! The next day I was right back in therapy knowing they were there to support me. It was amazing. The minute they walk into my room, they bring the sunshine with them. I love Orchard Hill because the people who work here are human and they really care about me.”

– Michele Gibson

“My first and only experience at a rehab center has exceeded my expectations! The staff at Orchard Hill has been warm and inviting since I arrived. As a first-time rehab patient, I wasn’t sure what to expect upon admission, but from the housekeeping staff, Nurses, GNAs, and all the therapists I always felt welcome, and that the staff really wanted to get to know me. They always remembered my love for chocolate! Working with the therapists throughout my stay has made me feel strong enough to go home without any fears. They made working on simple tasks that were hard for me in the beginning easy, by working with me and getting to know me! The encouragement from the PT/OT staff really meant a lot to me, they were able to help me realize I could do a lot more than I thought! If I had to go somewhere for rehab, this is the place to be!

– Sandra Thillman

“I like the way I am being treated by the nursing staff. I find the PT/OT staff to be very good at what they do & they are helping me reach my goals. I will recommend that the VA send more veterans to this facility as the center is in a great location with a variety of activities to keep veterans engaged in great socialization opportunities. Also, the ability to have leave to visit family if they are well enough to do so is an added benefit.”

– Benjamin Scott